with your facebook account
messages for your friend's birthday
it on your friend's wall

Do you wish that you took the time to wish your facebook friends a happy birthday but always forget or don't have time? Now you can for the whole year in one sitting!  YOU CHOOSE THE MESSAGE AND WHO TO SEND IT TO, birthdayFB does the rest!


Wanna see screenshots of what's inside our facebook birthday app?  Check out Guiding Tech's review of birthdayFB


Your posts will be automatically posted to your friends’ facebook walls at a random time on the morning of their birthday without them ever knowing that it was pre-arranged.


Worried about your information? birthdayFB:

  • DOES NOT have access to your facebook login or password.  You login directly through facebook.
  • DOES NOT access and store sensitive data.  The only information we have are your friends' names, birthdays, your name, and your e-mail address.
  • DOES NOT post anything to your wall / status letting people know you signed up or at any other time


Consider the huge impact you can have on your business relationships and your friendships by never forgetting another birthday and the impact birthdayFB can have on your day by eliminating daily facebook wall posts all by signing up for one simple free happy birthday app.  


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"This is one of the BEST and GREATEST features on the internet!! its made life easy and it means alot for a family member or a friend to feel like you remembered their birthday.  The best thing is for me is its free!!" - Phyllis J.

"Wonderful program. I don't have to worry about missing a Birthday." - C. Barnes

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"Simply best utility for Facebook birthday congratulations" -Jenda

"Please keep it free!! Its such a GREAT pleasure not to have to worry if you have forgot someones birthday! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! Its like a true gift." -Phyllis J.



So remember, signing up for our free facebook birthday app is completely and it will automatically post your happy birthday wall posts on the morning of your friends' birthdays.  Sign up and see why birthdayFB is the best facebook birthday app out there.  Get ready to say Happy Birthday Facebook!